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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack
Label Warner Music Japan
Numéro de catalogue WPCL-10438~9
Composition Takeharu Ishimoto,
Yoshihiko Nishio,
Ayaka Iida
Arrangement Takeharu Ishimoto,
Rieko Shimura,
Kazuhiko Toyama,
Format 2 disques - 55 pistes
Durée 2:20:58
Prix 3800¥
Date de sortie 10 octobre 2007

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack (クライシス コア -ファイナルファンタジーVII- オリジナル・サウンドトラック) est sorti au Japon le 10 octobre 2007. L'album est composé par Takeharu Ishimoto, qui comme d'autres albums basés sur Final Fantasy VII qu'il a composé, reprend des morceaux de Nobuo Uematsu. Il est assisté de Rieko Shimura pour les arrangements acoustiques. Seuls la chanson thème et sa version instrumentale n'est pas de lui.


Disque 1Modifier

  1. Memory Fragments - DMW (記憶の欠片 —D.M.W—)
  2. Crisis Core Theme - Succession (Theme of CRISIS CORE『継承』)
  3. Begin Mission (ミッションスタート)
    Arrangement: Kazuhiko Toyama
  4. First Mission (from Final Fantasy VII "Opening - Bombing Mission") (ファーストミッション(FFVII『オープニング~爆破ミッション』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  5. Mako City (魔晄都市)
  6. Vigilant Night (憂国の月夜)
  7. Encounter (エンカウント)
  8. Crisis Core Theme - Dreams and Honor (Theme of CRISIS CORE『夢と誇り』)
  9. Last Order - Crisis Mix (from Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-) (Last Order-Crisis Mix (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より))
  10. The Terrible Truth (真実の重み)
  11. Roaming in the Afternoon Sun (陽射す午後の彷徨)
  12. Conflict (コンフリクト)
  13. The Iron Beast (操られし鉄の獣)
  14. Crisis Core Theme - Under the Apple Tree (Theme of CRISIS CORE『リンゴの木の下で』)
  15. The Summoned (from Final Fantasy VII "Fight On!") (召喚されし者 (FFVII『更に闘う者達』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  16. Burden to Bear (背負うもの)
  17. Timely Ambush (from Final Fantasy VII "Let the Battles Begin!") (間際の急襲 (FFVII『闘う者達』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  18. Dark Suits (from Final Fantasy VII "Turks' Theme") (暗躍のダークスーツ (FFVII『タークスのテーマ』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  19. Pipes and Steel (from Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-) (鉄と管の楼閣 (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より))
  20. Combat (コンバット)
  21. Crisis Core Theme - The Scars That Remain (Theme of CRISIS CORE『友情の傷痕』)
  22. A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from Final Fantasy VII "Aerith's Theme") (スラムに咲く花 (FFVII『エアリスのテーマ』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  23. Eyes the Color of the Sky (空色の瞳)
  24. Crisis Core Theme - Protect Your Honor (Theme of CRISIS CORE『誇りと共に』)
  25. Anguish (苦悩の旋律)
  26. March Through Harsh Terrain (from Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-) (辺境の行軍 (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より))
  27. A Moment of Camaraderie (交歓のひととき)
  28. Black Wing Unfurled (羽ばたく黒い翼)
  29. Crisis Core Theme - True Motives (Theme of CRISIS CORE『計画の真実』)
  30. No Honor Remains (誇りを失った姿)
  31. Why - Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Mix (Why 〈CCFFVII Mix〉)
    Composition: Ayaka Iida, Yoshihiko Nishio
    Arrangement: L.O.E.

Disque 2Modifier

  1. Where Light Does Not Reach (陽の光を閉ざされた街)
  2. New Developments (動き出す事態)
  3. Mako Monopoly (from Final Fantasy VII "Shinra, Inc.") (魔晄を支配する組織 (FFVII『神羅カンパニー』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  4. Crisis Core Theme - New Assignment (Theme of CRISIS CORE『新たな任地へ』)
  5. The Shrouded Village (from Final Fantasy VII "Anxiety") (閉ざされた村 (FFVII『不安な心』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
  6. Parting of Ways (決別の旋律)
  7. The Ominous Mansion (陰鬱な屋敷)
  8. A Brief Rest (しばしの休息)
  9. Prelude to Destruction (崩壊への序曲)
  10. Vengeance on the World (from Final Fantasy VII "One-Winged Angel") (世に仇なす者 (FFVII『片翼の天使』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu
    Arrangement: Kazuhiko Toyama
  11. Night of Seclusion (隠遁の夜)
  12. Duty and Friendship (任務と友情)
  13. Crisis Core Theme - Blazing Through the Battlefield (Theme of CRISIS CORE『疾走の戦域』)
  14. Escape into the Wasteland (逃走の荒野)
  15. Resolution (覚悟の旋律)
  16. Wandering Under the Moonlight (from Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-) (月明の彷徨 (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より))
  17. The Water's Surface (古の詩に詠まれし水辺)
  18. Howling Abominations (集いし異形の咆哮)
  19. The Planet Has Become My Guardian (星の加護を受けし者)
  20. The SOLDIER Way (ソルジャーの闘い)
  21. The Price of Freedom (自由の代償)
  22. Why
    Composition: Ayaka Iida, Yoshihiko Nishio
    Arrangement: L.O.E.
    Chant et paroles: Ayaka Iida
    Chanson thème de Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
  23. Living Legacy (受け継がれる想い)
    Arrangement: Kazuhiko Toyama
  24. To Be Continued (from FFVII "Opening - Bombing Mission") (to be continued (FFVII『オープニング~爆破ミッション』より))
    Thème original: Nobuo Uematsu


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